Application and description of the terminal blocks26.03.2014

With the development of the electronical industry, more and more types of the terminal blocks can be divided into Euro terminal blocks, Pluggable terminal blocks, Barrier terminal blocks, Spring terminal blocks, Rail terminal blocks, Penetrating wall terminal blocks......

      The terminal block is applied in order to facilitate the connection of the wire, it is actually a metal conductive part in the seal insulation of plastic, both ends of the hole you can insert the wire, with screws fasten and loosen. Fox example, there are two wires need to be connected or disconnected, in this case, it is convenient for using the terminal blocks to connect or disconnect, without welding them together or intertwined. It is suitable for a large number of wires connected to each other. There is a special terminal block in the power industry, terminal blocks box, above all the terminal block, there are single, double, multi-storey, common, can be broken and so on. Crimping area in order to ensure reliable contact and through adequate current. In short, the terminal blocks occupy an important position in the process of machine operation, and the terminal blocks must comply with the standard in order to avoid accidents.

      In our life, like work and entainment are totally dependent on electricity, no electricity, work and life entainment will be interrupted, it will be stagnant. Computer mobile phone camera, as well as other electronic digital products and household product. The common feature of these products is the use of electricity, the most important thing is they are equipped with a variety of wire need to be connected  the electronic products, they can work properly. In order to achieve our perfect desired services and functions. These various wires, they have a port, they use these ports to connect various of devices. For example, the end of charger connect power, the other end of charger connect computers, cell phones, these ports are the high current terminal blocks.

      The terminal blocks used in computers, digital products, home appliances, etc. Connect the power plug or port. Large areas of the terminal blocks, but also used in communications, industrial control, electrical power, rail transport, servo control, frequency converters, security, automation etc.