Pluggable terminal blocks application and operating26.03.2014

 Pluggable terminal blocks widely used in servo drives, security communications, electric power energy and other industries. Products include the plugs and sockets, whose main feature is the separation power can be achieved at any time to achieve such disassembly equipment maintenance, workers more convenient and faster.

 Socket assembly can be added at both ends of the hole, Assembled in large part to protect the piecing and prevent place misadventure,This design also ensures that socket outlet can be inserted into the plug right. Sockets can also have assembled buckle and Lock buckle.Buckle assembly can play a bit more firmly fixed to the PCB board, locking buckle position lock can be installed after the plug and sockets.

 Pluggable terminal blocks plug off the screws to achieve anti-function, plug with screw clamping pressure line box wire, plug socket with spring tablet compression welding feet, to achieve power is on.

  Pluggable terminal blocks series using easy-to-pluggable connection with a solid combination of a common screw method, so that all parts connected.

  Socket design can be used with a variety of different methods of insertion of the plug, such as: horizontal, vertical or inclined to the printed circuit boards. Can choose the metric wire gauge can also choose standard wire gauge.