Noxtlon Profiles

Noxtlon group established in 1999,thatisthe period of high-speed development of electronic field.  It locates in Hengfeng Industrial Zone, Hezhou, Bao An, Shenzhen, China. Noxtlon group is a professional connectors manufacturer, in order to meet global customers’ demand, we allocated workshops for metal tooling , plastic mould, stamping, injection, assembly, quality control in 2 factories. These 15 years we can constantly provide global customers with the Din41612 series connectors, series terminal blocks,PLCC,PC104,DC2, DC3, Power connectors ect,and OEM/ODM services included. Businesses involve in computers, communications, micro control, instrumentation, security, mechanical and electrical equipment, electrical construction and other fields. High quality, promised lead time and excellent services comprise the great honour of Noxtlon, ISO9000:2008,UL,CE and VDE are the routins of Noxtlon people. To keep the clerk to work in our company for years is very important for the stable output and quality, and Noxtlon enterprise culture make the clerk have a warm family emotion.

At the same time,Noxtlon strives to meet international environment standards in every process from purchasing raw material to the finished product including packaging and disposal of waste materials. In upholding our Environment Policy, we also practice recycling campaign, adopt a paperless working environment, water purifying system in the spray painting operation and proper chemical waste disposable by accredited companies.

Environmental  Policy Conserve natural resource through efficient resource utilization and waste minimization program.Observe and comply with all applicable environmental laws, customer requirements. Promote environmental awareness among employees by educating personnel in environmental issues.Pursue continual improvement through meeting objective, periodic environmental audit and management service.Extend this pursuit by communicating the Environmental Policy to relevant contractors, suppliers and interested parties Prevent negative environmental impacts in our activities.

Businesses and enterprises are the principal make-up of modern socio-economic developments; therefore the individual development of each firm has become the prerequisite for overall social progression. Economic globalization has given the chance to international corporations to develop overseas, our PI as well. We would like to confirm that all our products are manufactured under the managements system of ISO9001/2000 & ISO 14001 strictly.We do provide excellent parts and products with credible quality and cares on our green earth.At the same time, we are trying supports to poor regions and groups all over the world through some charity activities.